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PCIT-SM Treatment Handouts

Click on any image below to see or download a PDF of important worksheets and tip sheets used in PCIT-SM, our treatment for selective mutism (SM).

The worksheet shows you many ways to create a labeled praise to reinforce your child's brave talking.
Detailed recipe to create your own personalized Exposure Lifestyle Kit
Scripts to help your child with various community exposures.
Dinosaur-themed board game
Teacher's tip sheet for various stages of readiness to be prompted
Teacher Feedback Form to Track Your Child’s Progress
Step-by-step worksheet to guide fading someone in to your child's talking circle.
This 4-part mantra will help you support your child when they are struggling.
Fun guessing game your child can lead where others ask them questions.
Stuffed animal-themed board game
PRIDE Skills Tip Sheet
Certificates are great ways to celebrate your child's accomplishments.
VDI Flowchart for Effective Prompting Sequences
Exposure Ratings Worksheet
Worksheet to create exposure hierarchies for different people, places, and activities.
Find-a-Friend BINGO game
Unicorn-themed board game
Whole Foods BINGO

The forms below are primarily for PCIT-SM therapists.

PCIT-SM Skills Coding Sheet
Daily Report Card to track reaching goals
Camp Daily Report Card to Track Progress
MMK Camp Weekly Schedule
PCIT-SM SM-BOT Coding Sheet
PCIT-SM Treatment Handouts | Kurtz Psychology