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Parent Training Group for
Child Compliance and Cooperation

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Spots are limited to six per group to maintain the best trainer to participant ratio to actually practice the skills, not just talk about them!

The purpose of the training is to help parent and caregivers teach their child how to improve their frustration tolerance and self-regulation so that their children have an easier time with compliance and cooperation.  These are tough times in the pandemic, and vulnerable kids are even more vulnerable now!  You will practice hands on, very practical strategies in each of the six sessions, with important practice tasks for you to practice between sessions. This is not a webinar or lecture series, but rather an opportunity in a very small group – maximum 6 participants – to practice evidence-based, empirically supported key parenting skills with live feedback from your coaches.

Decades of research consistently supports that a small set of authoritative parenting skills, delivered in a highly reinforcing parent-child relationship leads to the best mental health outcomes for children. These groups also provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect with other families who are undergoing similar challenges with their children.

Who Should Join?

  • Parents and caregivers of children 3-10 years old who struggle with disruptive child behavior. This includes problems such as tantrums, dawdling, and whining.
  • Participants from all states and countries are welcome
  • Registration is open to all families, whether or not you have previously received treatment through Kurtz Psychology
  • Families can be involved in treatment elsewhere. Please share this webpage with the other providers to make sure this approach is consistent with other therapy you may be involved with.
  • You do not need to transfer your child’s care to Kurtz Psychology in order to participate
  • The group is skills practice for the adults. Children do not attend these sessions,
  • Registration is capped at 6 people to maximize the personalized coaching and feedback you get during each session
  • These are skills practice sessions, not just watching webinars

Session Topics

Week 1: Setting kids up for success

  • Learn proactive strategies that prevent misbehavior from happening in the first place

Week 2: The power of parent attention

  • Learn when and how to use your attention to manage misbehavior

Week 3: Effective directions

  • Learn how to give directions in a way that your child is much more likely to listen and do what they are told

Week 4: Introduction to the Cooperation Chart

  • Learn how to implement a relatively simple but very effective behavior modification system that incorporates the key elements of the best documented parent training programs. These are derived from Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and similar programs such as The Incredible Years and Helping the Noncompliant Child.

Week 5: Problem-solving week

  • Review and role play your challenges implementing the Cooperation Chart from the previous week.

Week 6: Advanced Practice & Wrap-up

  • Practice behavior management scenarios, such as homework, mealtime, getting dressed, and bathroom routines and plan for going forward on your own.

Location: Our virtual groups take place online via our secure zoom

Costs: $600 total for six sessions

  • No single session options available
  • We offer a 50% discount for the second caregiver from the same family
  • Please note: these skills training groups are offered as an educational service and will therefore not be insurance reimbursable.

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Parent Training for Child Compliance and Cooperation | Kurtz Psychology