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Treatment Program for 6-8 Year Old Children with Self-Regulation Difficulties
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Coping Kids is an online, telehealth program developed by Dr. Carly Mayer created for young children struggling to manage their emotional reactions effectively in the face of “big feelings.” When calm, children may be equipped to share their thoughts and feelings, compromise, and think through their actions. In moments of stress, frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness, or even excitement, helping your child to access words and appropriate behaviors often feels impossible.

The Coping Kids program gives parents and children an opportunity to learn emotion regulation skills together, using the power of the parent-child relationship to create more manageable moments. Children and parents are provided with a coping toolbox to guide families through emotional experiences, coupled with a specific reinforcement systems to further the development of self-regulation skills. This program incorporates evidence-based approaches with engaging activities to help children and parents learn new skills within a virtual, small-group experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Coping Kids for? Children 6-8 years old who have difficulties with self-regulation, low frustration tolerance, managing “big feelings,” and/or a limited emotional vocabulary. This program will also benefit families who struggle to communicate effectively around emotional moments, giving both parents and children strategies to expand upon. Registration is open to all families, regardless of previous treatment through Kurtz Psychology.

What is the parent component? Parent involvement is integral to each child’s success in managing “big feelings.” The initial Coping Kids sessions will focus on parent skills only, giving parents strategies to support child development of coping skills throughout the program. The subsequent sessions will be targeting child strategies, with parent’s attending all groups to support generalization of new skills. Parent-child learning will therefore happen simultaneously and parents will have the opportunity to gain consistent feedback on their application of learned skills.

Where is Coping Kids? The program will take place virtually on our advanced, HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.

What is the cost? Please contact us for pricing.

Is Coping Kids covered by insurance? Maybe! While Kurtz Psychology is not a participating provider in any insurance company plans, we will provide you the documentation to submit to your insurance company for potential out-of-network reimbursement should your child meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health diagnosis. The diagnoses will be provided to parents at intake.


To get more information:

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