SM Parent Training Groups

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We are leading online parent and caregiver skills training groups. The purpose of these groups is to provide you coaching in PCIT-SM, our evidenced-based intervention for selective mutism. These practice sessions will help you better facilitate your child’s verbal exposures on your own. Each session will target a specific PCIT-SM skill (see schedule below) that we will practice together with therapist feedback. There will be home practice assignments between sessions. These groups also will provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect with other families who are undergoing similar challenges.

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Spots are limited to six per group to maintain the best trainer to participant ratio to actually practice the skills, not just talk about them!
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  • Caregivers of children with SM of all ages are welcome
  • Participants from all states and countries are welcome
  • Registration is open to all families, whether or not you have previously received treatment through Kurtz Psychology
  • Families can be involved in treatment elsewhere
  • You do not need to transfer your child’s care to Kurtz Psychology in order to participate
  • The group is skills practice for the adults
  • Registration is capped at 6 people to maximize personalized feedback during each session
  • These are skills practice sessions, not just watching webinars
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  • SM skills fundamentals
  • How to prompt your child’s talking
  • Fading in others
  • Playdates
  • Talking in public places
  • Exposure lifestyle and wrap up
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Location: Our virtual groups take place online via zoom

Costs: $600 total for six sessions

  • No single session options available
  • We offer a 50% discount for the second caregiver from the same family
  • Please note: these skills training groups are offered as an educational service and will therefore not be insurance reimbursable.

Click here to register or just to get more information about upcoming groups.

SM Parent Training Groups | Kurtz Psychology