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The Lunch n Learn webinar series is open to all mental health, education, and other allied health professionals. CE credits from CE-Go, an APA and NY State approved CE sponsor, are fully recognized for credit for psychologists in NY and other jurisdictions and for NY Social Workers. Each live webinar earns 1 CE. 

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Click on the REGISTER NOW box to the right to view more detailed information about the webinar, including a full description and bios of the presenters, or to register for the webinar. An * after the title indicates the webinar is not available for CE credit. All webinars are from 12pm-1pm Eastern time unless otherwise noted on the REGISTER NOW landing page.

An ** after the title indicates the webinar counts towards Ethics CE credits.

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**Ethics CE credit for this webinar

CE Approvals for Webinars 

American Psychological Association (APA) CE Learning Systems, LLC is approved by American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. CE Learning Systems maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

New York State Education Department’s State Board for Psychology CE Learning Systems dba & is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Psychology as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed psychologists #PSY-0016.

New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work CE Learning Systems SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0060.

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Click the VIEW ON DEMAND box to the right to watch any of our recorded webinars on demand. The webinar recordings starting May, 2019 require a $10 fee.

[prkwp_board cols_width=”8%|30%|20%|25%|17%” board_header=”Date|Title|Presenter|Affiliation|” values=”01/06/17|Motivational Interviewing Within a PCIT Framework|Ian Schere PhD|Private Practice|,01/13/17|Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT)|Christy Tadros MHC|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|,02/24/17|School Observations and Daily Report Cards|Steven Kurtz PhD ABPP|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|,03/24/17|Code the Coach: Advancing PCIT Coaching|Bev Funderburk PhD|OUHSC|Expired ,11/03/17|Growth Mindset for Early Learners|Steven Kurtz PhD ABPP|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|Expired,01/19/18|PMT with older children: What to do when you can’t do PCIT|Vasco Lopes PhD|Columbia University CUCARD|Expired,03/02/18|Internet-Delivered PCIT: So Far It Gets a Labeled Praise|Jami Furr PhD|Florida International University|Expired,04/20/18|Problematic Sexual Behavior in Youth|Paul Shawler PhD|Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center|Expired,11/02/18|Brave Start: Modular PCIT for Comorbid Anxiety & Disruptive Behavior|Steven Mazza PhD|Columbia University CUCARD|Expired,11/09/18|ADHD: Update of Evidence-Based Assessment & Treatment|Steven Kurtz PhD ABPP|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|Expired,12/7/18|Same But Different: The Difficult Relationship Between Selective Mutism and Social Phobia|Christina Schwenck PhD|University of Giessen|Expired,01/11/19|Unified Protocols for Youth: Current Status|Jill Ehrenreich-May PhD|U Miami|Expired,01/18/19|Coping Cat: A Gold-Standard CBT for Child Anxiety|Elaina Zendegui PsyD|Mount Sinai St. Luke’s|Expired,03/15/19|Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for Chilldren|Tracy Prout PhD|Yeshiva University|,05/17/19|Language-Behavior Connections|Rachel Cortese SLP CCC|Private Practice|Expired,12/13/19|Behavior Therapy for Tourette Syndrome and Tics: What is it? Who is it for? Does it really work?|Meir Flancbaum PsyD|Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy|,1/10/20|Medication Issues for Psychologists: How to Maximize Our Role in Combined Treatments|Steven Kurtz PhD ABPP|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|,2/7/20|Pediatric OCD: The Good The Bad and The Completely Disgusting|Rindee Ashcraft PsyD|Polaris Family Behavioral Health|,2/21/20|Telephone-Assisted Phone Coaching for School Refusal|Elena Zendegui PsyD|Mt. Sinai St. Lukes|,3/13/20|Alternatives to PCIT for Compliance Training in Kids with ASD|Stephanie Lee PsyD|Child Mind Institute|,3/20/20|Crossing the T in PRACTICE: Strategies for Trauma Narrative Completion and Cognitive Processing in TF-CBT|Lindsay Anderson PsyD|Caring Cove|,4/6/20|Considerations for Neuropsychological Testing for Children with Selective Mutism|Rachel Busman PsyD ABPP and Matthew Pagirsky PsyD|Child Mind Institute|,4/9/20|Managing the Other Side of ADHD: CBT for Secondary Characteristics|Mark Terjesen PhD|North Coast Psychological Services & St. John’s University|,4/14/20|Keep Your Cool: Helping Parents with Anger and Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19* |Ray DiGiuseppe PhD ABPP|Albert Ellis Institute & St. John’s University|,4/24/20|Healthier Healers: Sustaining Ourselves in the Face of Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress|Stacy Greeter MD|Private Practice|,5/1/20|Too Old? Too Big? Older Child Adaptation of PCIT|Kate Gibson PsyD ABPP & Caroline Harvey Psy D|Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC|,5/1/20|Child CBT via Internet: Challenges and Opportunities*|Daniela Owen PhD|SF Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy|,5/7/20|Remote Psychological Assessment: A Guide for Therapists and Evaluators|Matt Pagirsky PsyD and Laura Phillips PsyD APBdN|Child Mind Institute|,5/8/20|The Cooperation Chart|Cheryl McNeil PhD|West Virginia University|,5/15/20|Telehealth Update for Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals|Mary Alvord PhD|Alvord Baker Associates|,6/12/20|Time Out: The Controversy That Won’t Quit|David Reitman PhD|Nova Southeastern University|,6/26/20|Interjurisdictional Practice: Now and Post-COVID|Alex M. Siegel JD PhD|ASPPB|,7/10/20|PCIT in Cases with Developmental Delays and Serious Medical Conditions|Magdalena Romanowicz MD|Mayo Clinic|,7/24/20|Treating Picky Eaters: Update on Empirically-Supported CBT Interventions|Erica Dashow PhD BCBA|Center for CBT|,2/5/21|Supporting Caregivers of Children with ADHD: An Integrated Parenting Program|Andrea Chronis-Tuscano PhD & Kelly O’Brien PhD|University of Maryland|,2/12/21|Best Practices in PCIT Coaching|Larissa Niec PhD|Central Michigan University and the The Center for Children Families and Communities|,3/5/21|Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Preschool Children: The Hong Kong Trial|Nelly Tong PhD|TungWah GP of Hospitals|,3/12/21|A PTs Guide to Surviving Zoom as a Therapist|Ashley Rozek DPT|SPEAR Physical Therapy|,3/19/21|Intensive Outpatient Anxiety Treatment: The McLean Anxiety Mastery Program (MAMP)|Yudelki (Judy) Firpo-Perretti PhD|McLean Hospital Harvard Univ|,3/26/21|Frankfurt Scale for Selective Mutism: A New Validated Tool for Tracing SM Progress*|Angelika Gensthaler PhD|Justus Liebig University Gießen|,4/16/21|Media Management: Guiding Parents to Support Healthy Limits for Kids|Larry Vitulano PhD and Michael Vitulano PhD|Yale University|,5/7/21|Confidentiality & Privilege in Psychotherapy with Minors|Bruce V. Hillowe PhD JD|Private Practice|,5/14/21|Working with Asian American Families – Opportunities and Challenges|Jang Cho MD|Cultivate Psychiatry|,5/28/21|Teachers’ Experiences of Teaching Pupils with Selective Mutism*|Clare Williams DClin Psych CPsychol AFBPsS|Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service||How To Best Guide Clients Through A Divorce|Liz Cohen PhD|Center for CBT in NYC|,6/11/21|How To Best Guide Clients Through A Divorce|Liz Cohen PhD|Center for CBT in NYC|,6/18/21|Integrating Diversity Considerations in Child and Family CBT**|Omar Gudiño PhD ABPP|University of Kansas|” link_text=”VIEW ON DEMAND”]
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