Lunch ‘n’ Learn Webinar Series

The Lunch ‘n’ Learn webinar series is open to all mental health, education, and other allied health professionals at no cost.

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Upcoming Lunch ‘n’ Learn Webinars - 2017-2018

  • DateTitlePresenterAffiliation
  • 05/04/18DBT with AdolescentsRyan Madigan PsyDBoston Child Study Center
  • 05/11/18The Language-Behavior Connection: Inextricably Related Rachel Cortese MS CCC-SLPPrivate Practice
  • 05/18/18Organizational Skills Treatment: My What Is Due When?Richard Gallagher PhDNYU Langone Medical Center
  • 06/01/18Toddler PCIT: Teaching Early Self-RegulationNancy Wallace PhDKennedy Krieger Institute
  • 06/08/18Autism Update for 2018: Empirically-Supported Assessment & TreatmentAli DeGeorge PsyDPrivate Practice
  • 06/15/18Enuresis & EncopresisLaura Kirmayer PhDMilestones Psychology

On-Demand Archived Lunch ‘n’ Learn Webinars

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  • DateTitlePresenterAffiliation
  • 01/06/17Motivational Interviewing Within a PCIT FrameworkIan Schere PhDPrivate Practice
  • 01/13/17Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT)Christy Tadros MHCKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 02/10/17Who Put the “C” in the CBTSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PCNot Recorded
  • 02/24/17School Observations and Daily Report CardsSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 03/10/17Child Psychopharmacology for non-MDsSuzanne Dieter MDPrivate Practice
  • 03/24/17Code the Coach: Advancing PCIT CoachingBev Funderburk PhDOUHSC
  • 04/03/17Pediatric Sleep DisordersShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 04/24/17Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)Bukky Kolawole PhDRelationship HQ
  • 05/05/17Grit: A Success Skill for LifeTom Hoerr PhDConsultant
  • 09/29/17Case Conceptualization and Functional AnalysisSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PCNot Recorded
  • 10/06/17CBT Theory and PrinciplesShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PCNot Recorded
  • 10/20/17Exposure and Response PreventionShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PCNot Recorded
  • 11/03/17Growth Mindset for Early LearnersSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 11/10/17Grit Guide for TeensCaren Baruch Feldman PhDPrivate Practice Westchester County NY
  • 12/01/17School Refusal: The 5 Ws of Intensive TreatmentJamie Micco PhD ABPPHarvard Medical SchoolNot Recorded
  • 12/08/17Psychopharmacology for Non-PhysiciansSuzanne Dieter MDPrivate Practice NYC
  • 12/15/17Major RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials) MTA and CAMSSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 12/22/17Coding Coaches in PCIT with TPICS: Good for the Goose Good for the GanderLarissa Niec PhDCentral Michigan State UniversityNot Recorded
  • 01/19/18PMT with older children: What to do when you can't do PCITVasco Lopes PhDColumbia University
  • 02/09/18Videotaped Self-Modeling for Selective MutismJeneane Solz PhDColumbia University
  • 02/16/18Habit Reversal Training (HRT) for TrichotillomaniaShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PCNot Recorded
  • 03/02/18Internet-Delivered PCIT: So Far It Gets a Labeled PraiseJami Furr PhDFlorida International University
  • 03/09/18Executive Functions of the Pediatric BrainDominick Auciello PsyDEnvisage Neuropsychology
  • 03/16/18A Reader’s Guide to Neuropsychology Reports for Non-neuropsychologistsKirsten Sharma PsyDMilestones Psychology
  • 03/30/18TF-CBT in the Treatment of Childhood TraumaCristal Acosta LPCEl Paso Child Guidance Center
  • 04/13/18Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE): Empirically-Supported ParentingRobin Gurwitch PhDDuke University
  • 04/20/18Problematic Sexual Behavior in YouthPaul Shawler PhDOklahoma University Health Sciences Center
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