Telehealth Training & Consulting with Mental Health Professionals

Kurtz Psychology has been engaged in providing telehealth to patients since 2016. We have been providing distance training for professionals for more than five years.

Telehealth Consultations Services include:

  • Helping solo clinicians, group practices and agencies convert to secure telehealth practices

  • Consulting on infrastructure – what types of equipment needed on both ends of the communication portal to make it successful

  • Consulting to clinicians on the process of doing internet-based therapy – it is different than face-to-face

  • Assistance with HIPAA-compliant paperwork and other procedures

  • Consultation on ethical inter-jurisdictional practice

Potential Consultation Issues


  • What equipment will be needed on both end of the telehealth relationship?
  • Advising families on which of their devices to use in which circumstances for telehealth.
  • Recording software and consenting issues, for supervision, peer review.


  • Comparing Zoom for Health and other HIPAA compliant platforms for telehealth sessions.
  • Pros and cons of the resident telehealth you may have in your EMR

Process issues:

  • Working with families under stress using telehealth
  • Working with families with low technical skills
  • Telehealth with families with limited financial resources
  • Transitioning families to telehealth who are used to in-person sessions
  • Starting new families in your practice with telehealth
  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with treatment-interfering behaviors unique to telehealth
  • Advisement on inter-jurisdictional practice – most states have established procedures during the COVID crisis

How to get started with your telehealth consultation

Process to start your consultation:

  • Click here to complete a brief survey to tell us more about your practice and telehealth experiences to date.
  • We will read your survey responses and email you to set up an initial call to address questions you may have about the consultation process.
  • If you decide to proceed, we will require prepayment for the initial consultation session via credit card or via the Zelle phone app.
  • There are no extended commitments or contracts. The initial consultation session is $250 for up to 60 minutes.
  • If you decide after the first consultation to continue, a 25% discount is offered for the purchase of 4 or more future consultation sessions.
  • This is a consultation service and does not constitute clinical supervision, and CEUs can not be provided.
  • We will use our Zoom for Healthcare HIPAA-compliant account for our sessions.


  • We will share with you both public domain and proprietary resources to facilitate your telehealth practice.
  • We will provide on-call support for telehealth issues guaranteeing availability within one business day. This is pro-rated in 15 mins increments, with a minimum of 15 mins
  • Free access to our telehealth webinars
Telehealth Training & Consulting for Professionals | Kurtz Psychology