Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM) Training for Professionals

Next training: October 14-15 and November 4-5, 2021 (10am-2pm Eastern US time) with monthly calls 3rd Wednesday each month 10am-11:30am Eastern beginning Nov 17, 2021.
Training is currently 100% virtual. Feel free to email to discuss the training process with Dr. Kurtz.

Typical PCIT-SM coaching session with a family in the office setting. The therapist is talking to the parent via a wireless earpiece, while viewing the parent-child interaction unobtrusively through the one-way mirror.

Internet PCIT – the parent is being coached remotely by the therapist through standard wireless or wired headphones.

Typical case consultation group helping therapists work towards certification remotely.

Training Schedule for Didactic & Role Play

Thursday, October 14, 2021 10am-2pm Eastern Time
Friday, October 15, 2021 10am-2pm Eastern Time
Thursday,  November 4, 2021 10am-2pm Eastern Time
Friday, November 5, 2021 10am-2pm Eastern Time

Training Schedule for Ongoing Case Consultation Video Calls

The 12 monthly follow-up case consultation video calls leading to certification will be the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting November 17, 2021 ending October 19, 2022. The didactice training will be limited to 8 persons and the follow-up consultation limited to 6 persons.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM) is a research-tested behavioral therapy that improves verbal and non-verbal participation and reduces parental over-accommodation. Research in randomized trial shows that the outcomes are impressive and the gains persist and generalize to real world settings  Dr. Kurtz is the developer of the PCIT-SM protocol and is certified by PCIT International as a PCIT Global Trainer. He provides training virtually, and both at the NYC flagship offices of Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC as well as onsite at agencies to suit their scheduling needs. The October-November 2021 training will be remote, with 16 hours of live, participatory synchronous learning, accompanied by some asynchronous learning, and includes the required monthly case consultation calls to help with your implementation with fidelity and to earn certification.

The treatment has many interesting and unique characteristics including the fact that the parent and child are coached live – in real time – to shape new interaction patterns.  The motto of Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC is changing interactions one at a time  and no treatment captures this process better than PCIT and PCIT-SM. In the office, we use a one-way mirror to coach parents with a wireless earpiece – sometimes called a “bug-in-the-ear.” (The one-way mirror is preferred but not required in all PCIT settings.) On the internet, we help families with live coaching via their own tablets, laptops, or phones.

Two training options:
Option #1: 16-hours of didactics and role plays over the four half days without the ongoing year of case consultation that results in certification in PCIT-SM. ($1000)
Option #2: Didactics plus one-year of ongoing case consultation to achieve proficiency and results in certification as a PCIT-SM Therapist. This option is limited to six participants ($2000 total).

Training towards certification involves completing the initial didactic course as well as case consultation for one year, during which time therapists treat at least two cases to graduation. Payment plans are available to spread out the cost of the training. There is an additional fee of $35 per person for those seeking APA or PCIT CEs. Case review is accomplished most easily by our review of sessions either live or recorded by you and uploaded to our HIPAA-compliant secure cloud website.  There are many options for infrastructure and we will work with you to optimize your setup.

Case Consultation Calls: The monthly calls for this cohort will be the third Wednesday of each month starting November 17, 2021 ending October 19, 2022.

Grandparenting for prior training: For those who trained with Dr. Kurtz or one of the other Certified Trainers, you are welcome to consult with that trainer to determine if your prior training may qualify you to be grandparented as a certified PCIT-SM Therapist. Individual situations vary and alternatives to demonstrate competence and fidelity might be arranged.

Instructors: The primary course instructors for this 2021-2022 cohort are Steven Kurtz, PhD, ABPP  and Sabine Laerum. Sabine is a Speech and Language Therapist and Patholinguist and Certified PCIT-SM Therapist.

Intended Audience Participants: This course is intended for therapists and allied health professionals licensed for independent practice, or accruing hours towards licensure in some cases. If you are not already certified in the traditional PCIT protocol for disruptive behavior by PCIT International, you will also need to complete the free 10-hrs online course from the UC Davis website and send us the PDF of your completion certificate any time before our course begins. You don’t need to complete this short course before registering.

Instructional Levels: Intermediate and Advanced.

PCIT International, Inc. is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. PCIT International, Inc. maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Approval will be sought for 16 Continuing Education credits (CEs) for psychologists for this training.  The CE certificate will be awarded to all participants who complete the didactic training and have paid for the CE certificate. CE certificates will be emailed within 30 days of the training session. Partial credit can not be offered per APA. There is no commercial support for this CE program. If you’re in need of any additional special assistance or accommodations including those required for a disability, please contact

If you have any additional questions, please contact Steven Kurtz, PhD at or Refunds in full, minus a $100 administrative fee, are available until one month prior to the start of the event. Please make checks payable to Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC and mail to SM Training c/o Kurtz 506 Spook Hollow Rd, Nyack NY 10960-1109. Payments can also be made by Zelle, ACH, or wire transfer.

Learning objectives for the Didactic and Role Play training. Upon completion of the didactic and role play parts of the training, i.e., the 16-hours, participants should be able to:

  • State the theoretical foundations of PCIT-SM
  • State the key components of the PCIT-SM model including those for each phase of treatment (Client intake and assessment, Child Directed Interaction (CDI), and Verbal Directed Interaction (VDI).
  • State the procedures for key PCIT-SM assessment tools:
    • Selective Mutism Questionnaire (SMQ),
    • SM Parent-child Interaction Coding System (SMICS)
    • Leading an SM-BOT Observation session
  • Demonstrate proficiency in role plays of:
    • CDI skills
    • VDI skills

Additional objectives for those pursuing PCIT-SM certification, after the didactic and role play portions:

  • Demonstrate clinical proficiency in conducting patient assessments with 90% fidelity
  • Demonstrate clinical proficiency in conducting the CDI and VDI teaching sessions with 90% fidelity
  • Demonstrate clinical proficiency in conducting fade-in sessions with peers and teachers with 90% fidelity
  • Deliver treatment sessions with high fidelity while also attending to the therapeutic relationship and family engagement
  • Deliver treatment both via telehealth and in-person
  • Graduate two cases

Instructor biographies: Click here for instructor biographies and CVs.

Disclosures: There are no commercial supports for this training that could be construed as a conflict of interest.

Training location: 2021 training will be online

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