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PCIT Tracking Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets to track progress in PCIT, PCIT for Older Children, and for training others for PCIT Certification

We are thrilled to offer three different Excel-based tracking programs. The first is the PCIT Family Tracking Spreadsheet, to help clinicians track the progress of their families through their PCIT experience. It’s also an awesome tool to help GTs, WATs, and RTs track their consultees’ cases through treatment. The second version is the same tracker for PCIT Adapted for Older Children, which has somewhat different criteria for Do skills. The third is the Trainee Tracker, to monitor trainees progress through the certification process.

This patient trackers are available for $25 each, or both for $50. For groups or agencies, the price for both trackers is $75.  This provides unlimited uses for the purchaser. Here’s what the graphs from spreadsheet look like, tracking homework completion, ECBI scores, CDI Do’s and Don’ts, as well as PDI Effective Commands.

Email or call us at (212)-658-0110 ext. 124 to purchase.

Trainee Certification Tracker

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