Selective Mutism Resources

PCIT International produced this training video Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Adapted for SM which provides the theory and actual treatment techniques developed by Dr. Kurtz and now used worldwide for treating SM.  Professionals can earn CEUs for taking this course.

In 2015, we launched a free, online e-course for parents, teachers, and therapists who are  new to SM to learn exactly what we do and why. This free course has video examples of doing our techniques correctly and incorrectly, learning quizzes for you to see if you are getting the concepts correctly, and other helpful information for working with youngsters with SM.

Click on any of the links below to download audios, videos, articles, handouts, and PowerPoints for your free and unlimited use. If you share them with others, we ask only that you give proper credit to us for the source of the information – Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC – and provide our website for further contact:

Dr. Kurtz’s 2014 lecture They Shouldn’t Have to Work So Hard: The Appropriate Role of Medication in the Treatment of SM can be viewed as a video. Thanks to Dr. Carmen Lynas in Chicago for hosting this event.

Professionals Skills Workshop PowerPoint from SMG Conference Chicago 2014

Dr. Kurtz’s co-authored 2014 journal article on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Adapted for SM.  This article describes several really interesting adaptations of PCIT for young children with anxiety issues.

Video from Drs. Kurtz & Lynas 2013 Anxiety & Depression Disorders Conference on Tailored Intensive Treatment of SM. (Note: This video is owned by PESI and ADAA and we receive absolutely no royalties or remuneration whatsoever.)

Audiotape of Dr. Kurtz overviewing Treatment of SM for the Anxiety & Depression Disorders Association. This is a short audio interview about some of the most popular and frequently asked questions in a FAQ format.

Dr. Annie Simpson’s phenomenal video recorded for Anxiety BC in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Dr. Simpson does a wonderful job overviewing how SM develops, how to assess it, and how to best treat it. This has been viewed over 6,000 times!

Link to SMG Bookstore where you can purchase books and treatment manuals on SM.

SM Camps and treatment programs that Dr. Kurtz and his team have trained and endorses include Adventure Camp in Chicago, Brave Bunch Camp at Boston University and Florida International University, BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Cornerstone Psychology in Vancouver, BC, Dr. Ortega’s SM camp in Hong Kong, Mighty Mouth Kids Camp at OUHSC in Oklahoma City, Mighty Mouth Kids Camp at Sutcliffe Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics in Los Altos, CA, and Mighty Mouth Kids Camp in Seattle at the EBTCS, as well as the programs at the NYU Child Study Center and the Child Mind Institute, where Dr. Kurtz established the programs.

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