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Administrative Coordinator of Special Projects

Start date: June 4, 2018


This is a full-time position as the Administrative Coordinator of Special Projects in a group clinical psychology private practice specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescent with a variety of presenting problems, including but not limited to selective mutism, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The position reports directly to the President and founding psychologist, Dr. Steven Kurtz, and to the Director of Training and Director of Selective Mutism Programs, Dr. Shelley Avny. The person works alongside the Administrative Coordinator of the practice and supports a current staff of three therapists and numerous trainees at the post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate levels.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Documented history of successfully collaborating with others in team efforts
  • Ability to multi-task independently across varying roles
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Enthusiastically embracing new learning opportunities outside one’s comfort zone
  • Open to and embracing constructive feedback to grow within the position and to prepare for a career in mental health
  • Good faith willingness to commit to 2 years in the position with our understanding that most persons in this position will transition to start graduate school
  • Willingness to work occasional weekend or holiday days for our group intensive programs. (Compensatory pay is provided.)

Job Responsibilities:

Selective Mutism Program Manager

  • Respond to all inquiries received regarding our selective mutism treatment programs: Mighty Mouth Kids and WeSpeak
  • Coordinate times for families to speak with the clinicians
  • Coordinate eligibility screening appointments
  • Guide families through the intake and registration process
  • Coordinate interviews for volunteer counselors and mentors and collate all needed materials
  • Organize counselor and mentor schedules for camps
  • Oversee integrity of data input for participating families
  • Organize all camp activities
    • Gather/ create all needed materials/ worksheets for camp
    • Collect all necessary materials from families before camp begins
    • Organize lead-in schedules for kids and mentors
    • Organize parent training schedules
    • Manage contacts with external camp locations and vendors
  • Coordinate follow up calls with families for MMK and WeSpeak
  • Update all marketing Information, including website status
  • Collect and organize data at different time points during and after camps
  • Coordinate WeSpeak Video Group sessions
  • Manage task completion with undergraduate interns for anything they were assigned by the clinical staff
  • Oversee data entry for research

PCIT International Administrative Assistant

  • Coordinate monthly calls with Master Trainers
    • Coordinate call schedule
    • Coordinate note taker schedule
    • Collate any questions received
    • Keep track of Continuing Education credits earned from the monthly calls
  • Administrator for Continuing Education Task Force
    • Work directly with Dr. Kurtz, the Task Force Chair
    • Coordinate monthly Task Force Calls
    • Prepare agenda
    • Prepare meeting minutes
    • Follow through on any agenda items
    • Send any CE event applications to reviewers and track progress
    • Review post-training materials and create certificates for all completed CE events
    • Prepare annual reports for APA to continue PCIT International status as CE provider
    • Respond to CE questions received through email

Program Coordinator for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training Program

  • Prepare training binders for annual trainings
  • Prepare materials for weekly PCIT clinical conference meetings
  • Oversee registration for training participants

Webinar/Lunch ‘n’ Learn Seminar

  • Serve as producer for live stream and on-demand webcasts of weekly learning seminar
  • Assist Dr. Kurtz on the technology end of the webinars using our Adobe Connect platform
  • Prepare and distribute PowerPoints, PDFs, and other learning materials for presenters
  • Coordinate contact with outside presenters
  • Coordinate Continuing Education credits

Special Projects

  • Assist Dr. Kurtz’s involvement with national professional organizations
  • Assist with conference presentations
    • Kurtz Psychology Consulting staff present at several annual conferences
  • Assist with special projects and new business development

Salary and Benefits

  • Full-time salaried position (W-2); Competitive salary commensurate with prior experience
  • Benefits
    • Subsidized health insurance through the NY State of Health Marketplace
      • $500 annual stipend if you choose not to obtain health insurance through our plans because you are covered under another plan
    • 3 weeks paid vacation
    • 9 paid holidays
    • Compensatory pay for weekend or holiday work on special programs
    • 5 sick days
    • Participation in retirement plan after 1 year of continuous employment
    • 1-2 conferences fully paid for
      • September 2018 Selective Mutism Conference in Chicago
      • Spring, 2019 PCIT Conference in Chicago
    • Professional mentoring in preparation for graduate school
  • Potential to participate in research and submit for conferences
    • All prior individuals in similar positions have successfully submitted to present at national conferences
  • Participation in annual retreat for team building, reflecting, and strategic planning.


Application procedure:

  • Send resume and cover letter indicating interest in the position and confirming available start date of June 4, 2018 to skurtz@kurtzpsychology.com.
  • Have two (2) letters of reference sent from professionals who supervised you who can best speak to the qualities and attributes listed above in the Requirements section.
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