Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training

Next Therapist Training – July 23-27, 2018

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a research-tested behavioral therapy that consistently improves parent-child relationships, reduces serious child noncompliance, oppositionality, and defiance. Research in many studies shows that the outcomes are impressive – what researchers call “large effect sizes” – and the gains last on average for years!  Dr. Kurtz is Certified by PCIT International as a Master Trainer and provides training both at the NYC flagship offices of Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC as well as onsite at agencies to suit their scheduling needs. Alex Barnett is a Certified Level 1 Trainer.

The treatment has many interesting and unique characteristics including the fact that the parent and child are coached live – in real time – to shape new interaction patterns.  The motto of Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC is changing interactions one at a time  and no treatment captures this process better than PCIT. We use a one-way mirror to coach parents with a wireless earpiece – sometimes called a “bug-in-the-ear.” (The one-way mirror is preferred but not required in all PCIT settings.)

Training involves an initial 5-day didactic course as well as case consultation for one year, during which time therapists treat at least two cases to graduation in order to align with the nationally-approved training guidelines. Please check the PCIT International website for minimum training requirements. Please complete the inquiry form below to start the process of determining your eligibility for the training. Please use registration form below to inquire about 2018 PCIT training dates The all-inclusive fee for the 40-hours of didactics plus the year of case consultation is $4900. Case review is accomplished most easily by our review of sessions either live or recorded to our HIPAA-compliant secure cloud website using a very low cost webcam.  There are many options for setting up your infrastructure and we will work with you to optimize your space for good PCIT fidelity.

For organizations training groups of clinicians, the training can be done either at your site or ours. The follow-up case consultation can then be done either live, in-person at your site if you are in the Metro NY area, or via our secure web-based video platform. Discounts from the basic $4900 (see above) fee are provided for groups of six or more trainees.

Dr. Kurtz also provides Level 1 training for those who are already certified as PCIT Therapists.

Please complete the application form below for more information or to register. We will email you to schedule a telephone call  to talk more about the training process and upcoming dates.


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