Keep Your Cool: Helping Parents with Anger and Anxiety in the Times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is forcing us to be more on top of each other than we are used to. This has the likely potential to exacerbate anger and anxiety issues in parents. Since anger and anxiety can be a frequent and debilitating client problem, it is important for practitioners to have a clear conceptualization of available and effective treatment strategies. This webinar presents a comprehensive treatment model based on reviews of empirical outcome studies of anger interventions. However, because this outcome literature is relatively small and restricted to a few therapeutic approaches, additional suggestions for therapeutic interventions are presented based on what is known about the emotion of anger. Although our knowledge of anger treatment is still developing, the scientific literature can provide much-needed guidance for working with angry clients.

Join Dr. Ray DiGiuseppe, former President of ABCT, Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University, and leader of the famed Ellis Institute, for this timely discussion regarding helping parents at this uniquely stressful time in our history. Dr. DiGiuseppe brings vast experience dealing with real life patients in an empirically-grounded but very clinically hands-on approach.


Apr 17 2020


11:30 am - 12:30 pm



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Keep Your Cool: Helping Parents with Anger and Anxiety in the Times of COVID-19 | Kurtz Psychology