Too Old? Too Big? Older Child Adaptations of PCIT

What do you do when children seem to have outgrown traditional PCIT? For children who are showing behavior problems that would normally benefit from PCIT but are too big to carry to time-out or for those who are too mature to enjoy the high rate of PRIDE skills and positive attention that the little kids love, there is an adaptation for older children that is proving helpful. This presentation will discuss factors to consider when deciding whether to use an older child adaptation for PCIT. The structure of the PCIT older child approach will be discussed in detail with respect to how it is similar to traditional PCIT and how it differs. Case examples will highlight how to successfully implement this adaptation of PCIT for older children.

Drs. Kate Gibson and Caroline Harvey bring their considerable experience in adapting PCIT for older children and their caregivers.


May 01 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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Too Old? Too Big? Older Child Adaptations of PCIT | Kurtz Psychology