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A Psychoeducational Group for Caregivers of Children Ages 0-3

Baby Steps is a small, 11 week online group for caregivers of babies and toddlers with a primary focus on understanding development, facilitating healthy social/emotional skills and maximizing parent-child relationships. This group will equip caregivers with techniques for fostering positive social, emotional, physical, and language development as well as teaching skills for fostering loving parent-child relationships, in addition to introductory behavior management principles.

It isn’t too late to sign up! Caregivers can join at any point, and recordings from prior sessions can be made available

Areas of focus: Fostering healthy social and emotional behaviors for children ages 0 to 3

Time: Mondays 11:00AM-12:00PM Starting September 14th 2020 *caregivers can attend any number of individual sessions or all 11 sessions

Costs: $25 per group (pre-registration required) *register for all 11 sessions at once to receive a 20% discount (total cost $220)

Sessions Offered

  • Intro & Child Development 101 Part 1 | September 14th: developmental norms and milestones
  • Intro & Child Development 101 Part 2 | September 21st: individual differences– what is temperament?
  • Establishing a Healthy Attachment | October 5th: getting to know your baby, the importance of play, soothing your child, and handling separations and reunions
  • Promoting Your Child’s Communication & Language Skills | October 12th: parental communication, learning to understand, talk, and read with your child, and facilitating school readiness skills
  • Developing Your Child’s 5 Senses | October 19th: providing tactile, physical, and visual stimulation for your child
  • Promoting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Skills Part 1 | October 26th: how to be an emotion and social-skills coach for your child
  • Promoting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Skills Part 2 | November 2nd: persistence coaching and promoting problem solving and regulation skills
  • Building Independence | November 9th: potty training, child-led feeding, facilitating exploration and discovery, and fostering an emerging sense of self
  • Taking Care of Myself | November 16th: parent coping technique and developing support systems
  • Behavior Management Part 1 | November 23rd: praise, differential attention, incentives/rewards
  • Behavior Management Part 2 | November 30th: limit setting, appropriate commands, handling misbehavior, and identifying resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Baby Steps for?  Baby Steps is for caregivers of babies and toddlers. Baby Steps is designed to be an educational program for all caregivers or professionals that work with the 0-3 population. Baby Steps aims to provide skills to promote healthy parent-child relationships and facilitate positive development. Registration is open to all families or professionals, regardless of previous treatment or consultation through Kurtz Psychology.

Where is Baby Steps? The program will take place virtually on our advanced, HIPPA compliant version of Zoom.

When is Baby Steps? Baby Steps will take place on Mondays from 11:00AM-12:00PM starting September 14th. Participants do not need to register for all sessions to participate. Participants who cannot make group will be sent a recording of the session.

What if My Baby is Awake?! While the program is designed for adults, we totally understand if you need to bring your child to group or multitask while in group! We will be recording all sessions, so that caregivers can re-watch the group later if they need to step out.

Do I Participate? Our program is designed to be both didactic and collaborative. That means that we will be teaching material, but also encouraging discussions, questions, and role-plays. While we highly recommend that participants are actively involved in group, it is possible to just listen—and you will still learn a lot!

What is the cost and what does it include? Baby Steps is $25 per session. Individuals who register for all 11 sessions will receive a 20% discount (total cost $220).

What if I Need More Support? Baby Steps is designed to be a preventative, educational program—that is, the program alone is not sufficient for families who need individual clinical intervention. If it becomes clear that your child would benefit from individualized treatment, we will recommend our PCIT for Toddlers program, or provide a referral to another provider.  


To get more information:

Contact our administrative team at, who will schedule a free information call with Brooke Edelman

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