Lunch ‘n’ Learn Webinar Series

The Lunch ‘n’ Learn is open to all mental health, education, and other allied health professionals at no cost.

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Lunch ‘n’ Learn schedule for the 2017-2018 training year

Lunch ‘n’ Learns are held from 12:00-1:00 EST on Fridays.

  • DateTitlePresenterAffiliation
  • 09/29/17Case Conceptualization and Functional AnalysisSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 10/06/17CBT Theory and PrinciplesShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 10/20/17Exposure and Response PreventionShelley Avny PhDKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 11/03/17Growth Mindset for Early LearnersSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 11/10/17Grit Guide for TeensCaren Baruch Feldman PhDPrivate Practice Westchester County NY
  • 12/01/17School Refusal: The 5 Ws of Intensive TreatmentJamie Micco PhD ABPPHarvard Medical School
  • 12/08/17Psychopharmacology for Non-PhysiciansSuzanne Dieter MDPrivate Practice NYC
  • 12/15/17Major RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials) MTA and CAMSSteven Kurtz PhD ABPPKurtz Psychology Consulting PC
  • 12/22/17Coding Coaches in PCIT with TPICS: Good for the Goose Good for the GanderLarissa Niec PhDCentral Michigan State University
  • 01/19/18PMT with older children: What to do when you can't do PCITVasco Lopes PhDColumbia University
  • 02/09/18Video Self-modeling in SM TreatmentJeneane Solz PhDColumbia University

Past Lunch ‘n’ Learn Webinars

  • DatePresenterTopic
  • January 6 2017Ian Schere PhDMotivational Interviewing Within a PCIT Framework
  • January 13 2017Christy Tadros MHCTeacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT)
  • February 10 2017Steven Kurtz PhD ABPPWho Put the “C” in the CBT
  • February 24 2017Steven Kurtz PhD ABPPSchool Observations and Daily Report Cards
  • March 10 2017Suzanne Dieter MDChild Psychopharmacology for non-MDs
  • March 24 2017Bev Funderburk PhDCode the Coach: Advancing PCIT Coaching
  • April 3 2017Shelley Avny PhDPediatric Sleep Disorders
  • April 24 2017Bukky Kolawole PhD.Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • May 5 2017Tom Hoerr PhD.Grit: A Success Skill for Life
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